In preparation for the Austrian performance

Nyctivoe installation

Presented: Jul 2005
Related to book: NYCTIVOE

Nyctivoe is a sound and sculpture installation based on Dimitris Lyacos's trilogy Poena Damni. Nyctivoe is the title of the second version of the middle book of the trilogy (currently titled With the People from the Bridge).
The installation was produced by Austrian Cultural Forum and involved an ensemble of international artists in close collaboration. Austrian artist Fritz Unegg produced the sculptures. The audio production was directed by Piers Burton-Page. Actors: PatienceTomlinson (Nyctivoe) Nick Boulton (Legion) DavidTimson (Narrator). Chorus: Anne Rosenfeld Elaine Claxton Sarah Belcher Rosalind Shanks.
The installation toured Europe from 2004-2005 until in November 2005 the sculptures went missing on their way to a scheduled exhibition/performance at the Audio Art Festival in Krakow, Poland and have not been recovered since.
The audio version and a slide show from the installation were launched commercially in an enhanced CD, attached to the English Edition of Nyctivoe (Shoestring Press, 2005, CD produced by Austrian Cultural Forum, London).
This video was filmed in Wolfsberg, Austria during set up of the installation, by Austrian visual artist Joerg Stefflitch.

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