Excerpt from the sound and sculpture installation "NYCTIVOE"

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Presented: Nov 2005
Related to book: NYCTIVOE

This is an excerpt from the sound and sculpture installation "nyctivoe" presented in various European cities in 2004-2005. Despite further scheduled appointments in Europe for 2006, the final (audio only) performance took place in November 2005 in the context of the Krakow Audio Art Festival, due to the disappearance, during transport, of the sculptures involved in the project. They have henceforth not been retrieved. 
Nyctivoe was the second installment of Dimitris Lyacos's Poena Damni trilogy, now subsituted by WITH THE PEOPLE FROM THE BRIDGE (2014).The full audio performance is included in the Enhanced CD accompanying the English Edition of Nyctivoe (Shoestring Press 2005).
Photos/Slide Show: Konstantinos Krispis (2005)

Faces of Death - Sound and Sculpture Installation 
Text by Dimitris Lyacos
Sculptures by Fritz Unegg
Text translated from the Greek by Shorsha Sullivan 
The Cast:
Nyctivoe ....... Patience Tomlinson
Legion ....... Nicholas Boulton 
Narrator ....... David Timson
Chorus ....... Sarah Belcher, Elaine Claxton, Anne Rosenfeld, Rosalind Shanks

Technical presentation: Motivation Sound Studios
Sound engineer: Chris Szendeffi
Directed by: Piers Burton-Page

Entering the installation, the visitor is led by the voices to investigate the dark space within; once drawn in, she confronts a sequence of images - faces seen from different angles as they fall within the spectator's ambit then fading back into the darkness as the spectator moves towards the point where she believes she has heard another voice. 
The Nyctivoe installation, from Dimitris Lyacos's book of the same title, invites exploration of a space where two interpretations of his text come together: the auditory, theatrical dimension of the work in the tradition of psychological realism, with scattered classical nuances, is set against the savage even grotesque primitivism of Fritz Unegg's sculptures - in the tradition of art brut - creating a strange counterpoint. The spectator wonders if these very different worlds can communicate, or even form a unity, through the interpretation of the same text - or if, in the end, they lead in different directions, their paths crossing in the context of this installation only provisionally.

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