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Word-for-Sense and Other Stories
A Review of the Trilogy by Talia Franks

Jul 2020 | reviews

[...] a cadence that allows its more macabre undertones to shine through in a way that is at times vaguely unsettling and at others graphic in ways that are horrifying. [...] filled me with a sense of dread every time I turned the page.

Z213: Exit | Mit den Menschen von der Brücke | Der erste Tod. Translated by Nina-Maria Wanek, Published by: KLAK VERLAG

May 2020 | BOOKS

Dimitris Lyacos’ Trilogie „Poena Damni“ entstand seit 1992 als „work-in-progress“ mit Themen, die vom Sündenbock über die Wiederkehr der Toten bis zur Psychose reichen. Sie beginnt mit dem Schluss und geht zum Anfang zurück. Der Titel bezieht sich auf die Strafe der verdammten Seelen ...

From Poena Damni z213: ΕΞΟΔΟΣ
Excerpt in various languages

Jan 2020 | publications

Excerpt in various languages published in Specimen Magazine - The Babel Review of Translations

The Fall of Attica
Video by Sophie Knittel

Jan 2020 | the trilogy in other media

Greece, the cradle of European civilisation and democracy, collapses slowly. Its economy and the austerity measures demanded by the European Union pushes the country to the edge of the abyss. The country is sinking, the children of the mythological gods are fading. Photographies: SOPHIE KNITTEL  Editing & animation ALEXANDRE LIEBERT Voice-over KOSTADIS MIZARAS Sound creation BENJAMIN CHAVAL & ALEXANDRE LIEBERT TEXTS The First Death, extract / DIMITRIS LYACOS Hymn 28 to Athena / ANON Ion, extract / A. R. HOPE MONCRIEFF

INTERVIEW - LA Review of Books
Neighboring, Yet Alien by Toti O’Brien

Sep 2019 | publications

In the fall of 2018, Shoestring Press finally released Shorsha Sullivan’s English translation of the complete trilogy. This past spring, Lyacos went on a US signing tour, culminating with a reading in Los Angeles at Beyond Baroque on May 30. That is where I had the pleasure of meeting him. As we sat on a staircase waiting for the event to begin, an interesting conversation was sparked. The interview that follows was born of that informal exchange, which continued via email

Aquifer - The Florida review online
Melting Among Echoes: The Elusive Narrative Voice of Z213: Exit

Sep 2019 | reviews

Z213: Exit—the first installment of Dimitris Lyacos’ Poena Damni trilogy—eludes a straightforward interpretation and defies easy genre categorization. One of the most striking features of the text, which offers an admixture of poetry, prose, and fractured discourse, is the varied, evanescent nature of the work’s narrative voice. [...]

Tony's reading list
Poena Damni - The first death by Dimitris Lyacos

Sep 2019 | reviews

Regular readers may remember my posts a while back on the first two parts of Greek writer Dimitris Lyacos’ Poena Damni trilogy, and today’s review sees me finishing off the work with a look at the third section. It’s an intriguing, perplexing cycle of books, with each having it’s own unique style; where Z213: Exit was a series of confusing prose fragments, With the People from the Bridge was a confronting play, and today’s choice takes us in yet another direction. This one can most definitely be filed under poetry, but that’s probably the only confident statement I’m prepared to make about it – this isn’t a book that gives up its secrets lightly…